Living with a Black and Tan

English Toy Terriers are a very adaptable breed.  They seem to live just as happily in low or high energy households; although they do have the same need for exercise and mental stimulation as any dog.

The short coat is easy to care for, needing just a quick brush once a week to keep the skin healthy.  Your furniture is unlikely to be covered with hair, and they are very clean – mud just doesn’t seem to stick.

This is a very alert and intelligent breed, independent thinkers who are keen to please.  Discriminating in their response to people, reserved and polite with strangers, I suspect that they wish humans could learn the social niceties too.  When first introduced to an ETT a cheery “How do you do?” and polite nod is considered appropriate.  You will know when you have made a friend of a black and tan by the rapturous welcome, complete with hugs and kisses.  With family and close friends they are very open; receptive and giving.

They will want to alert you to visitors.  They will want to sleep in your bed (under the covers).  They will regard you as unreasonable if you expect them to go out in the cold without a coat when you are well wrapped up.  It is up to you to decide what is appropriate in your household.

To put it simply; with an ETT you will get out what you put in.   Treat a puppy with love and respect, give appropriate boundaries and gently correct whilst they learn what is expected; and you will be rewarded with a loving, respectful and compliant dog.  Add a dash of fun and you will have the best playmate in the world.

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