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The 2013 Issue of Black & Tan Magazine is now online!


This is a simply wonderful free magazine celebrating two of our vulnerable native breeds, Manchester Terriers and English Toy Terriers.   It is a stunning example of what can be achieved when willing volunteers from around the world come together with a common goal of raising funds for health and welfare initiatives.  Take a look, we think you’ll like it!


This issue is filled to the brim with 180 pages of black and tan goodness, including:

  •  A profile of the hugely influential Quinoa Kennel of English Toy Terriers
  • An exploration of Black & Tan Colour Genetics
  • A fascinating article on the famous English architect John Soane’s Black and Tan Terrier “Fanny”
  • Video and social media submissions from our “My Manchester Terrier/ETT Is…” contest that challenged black and tan owners to tell the world why they love their breed – we guarantee you’ll love the results!
  • The first installment in our new series on Black & Tan Collectibles
  • Coverage of Manchester Terriers and English Toy Terriers at Eukanuba 2012 and Crufts 2013
  • Photos and results from the 2012 American Manchester Terrier Club Specialty (including breeder-judge Rodney Herner’s full critique), Open Shows in the UK and Norway and a video report from the 2012 European Manchester Terrier Happening held this summer in Poland
  • A feature on the Norwegian Terrier Club’s active Manchester Terrier and English Toy Terrier members
  • A stud dog gallery packed with beautiful males from around the globe
  • A discussion of Luxating Patellas and modern approaches to screening
  • Plus, breed reports from around the world, our annual photo contest and more!

As with our previous issues, all funds raised by Black & Tan benefit breed charities.  This issue’s beneficiary is the Canadian and American Manchester Terrier Club’s continuing investigation of Juvenile Cardiomyopathy in Toy Manchester Terriers, which will enter its final phase this Fall with an extensive holter-monitoring program.


To view the magazine, visit:

(Important: Once the e-viewer has launched, flip the page by clicking your mouse in the lower right or left corner or use the arrows located at the top of the page.  Text will appear small – to read articles or zoom in, click the centre of the page or use the zoom controls located at the top of your browser page.  To view videos, click the large arrow in the middle of the displayed Youtube window and then use controls at the bottom of the box to adjust volume, pause, etc.)

Previous issues of Black & Tan can be viewed by visiting our website at and clicking “Past Issues”.

This will be the only issue of Black & Tan this year, so don’t miss out and be sure to drop us a line – we love to receive comments, questions and topic suggestions.


The Black & Tan Team

Amanda Kelly (Editor)

Dawn Saunders (Associate Editor)

Leo St. Clair (Associate Editor)

Aiko Shinseki (Advertising & Sales)

Melissa Doldron (Head Designer)

Dianna Texter (Accounting)