In the Show Ring

Showing is not our main reason for having dogs.  Ours are family pets first and we don’t breed often.  If these little dogs were not so rare we would probably relax and simply enjoy their company.  Our pups contribute a few extra dogs to the next generation so that when our children and grandchildren grow up there will still be black and tans around for them to enjoy.

©Appletor English Toy Terriers

We exhibit our dogs at Kennel Club shows and have had our share of success in the breed and group ring and we have had days when we came away with nothing. Because we exhibit at national championship shows our dogs are well known to other breeders, and we are familiar with dogs owned by other exhibitors, which allows everyone to make good informed decisions regarding the future of our breed.
As our children have grown up they have developed hobbies of their own which make demands on weekend and free time, so family commitments mean we have not been able to attend as many shows in recent years as we did with our older dogs.
We do still get to enjoy the odd sunny day by the ring though, and a few more cold windy ones each year, and are happy to include some pictures of our dogs being shown for you to enjoy.